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Proud to represent & install Lanau, Bibeau, East & Rugby dump bodies. 

Lanau Industries is a Dump Body Manufacturer. Lanau
manufactures Steel Dump Bodies, Custom Dump Bodies
and equipment for Trucks.
Lanau Industries builds unibody high tensile steel dump
bodies reknown for it's light weight and durability.
Lanau is a cutting-edge truck equipment expert, offering
a wide array of superior products through our distributors.
We value the importance of our workmanship which
gives us a head start in the truck equipment industry.


From Light Duty to Extra Heavy Duty applications, you will find a Bilbeau Dump Body to meet all your needs and expectations.


When you earn your living on the road, you have to know what you can depend on.
For over 40 years trailer owners have come to know they can count on East trailers to deliver more payloads with less downtime and fewer repairs. Bottom line - East delivers more productivity with less hassle.
That's why East is the most preferred brand of aluminum trailer. Surveys conducted by major trade magazines confirm that more owners prefer East over any other aluminum trailer brand.
There's a reason for that. And a reason why no one has sold more trailers than East. It's because a bargain trailer is the one that's profitable long after it's paid for.


Rugby is the country's leading designer and manufacturer of Class 3 - 7 dump bodies, truck and trailer hoists, landscape bodies, platforms, and related truck equipment & accessories.



 High Lift Gates...